Vision, Mission and Goals


SCNAHS Vision is to be recognized as an innovative leader in the educational preparation of nursing and allied health professionals that will lead to excellence in health care regionally, nationally, and internationally with distinguished contribution to society healthcare needs.

SCNAHS Mission

SCNAHS Mission is to prepare female students to contribute to a global society and a diverse workforce as productive, responsible, and engaged leaders and well-educated healthcare professionals to meet the healthcare needs of the service region and beyond.


  • Excellence and innovation in education
  • Community partnerships
  • Respect and promote diversity
  • Integrity
  • Personal and professional development
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Leadership
  • Student-Focused
  • Professionalism

SCNAHS Strategic Goals

1- Build academic strength.

2- Be recognized as the provider of choice.

3- Achieve operational excellence.

4- Manage Resources to ensure sustainable.