Dr. Heba Alhamal

Dr. Heba Alhamal

HIM Acting Head / Assistant Professor



University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
• Ph.D. in Molecular biology and biotechnology 2007-2012
Thesis: “Tandem affinity purification of mcrBC complex and mapping inactive mutations of mcrC using error prone (EP-PCR) ”
• King Faisal university, Dammam , KSA 2000-2005
BS, Medical Laboratory Technology, College of Medical Applied Sciences

Research Interests

Research Experience
Sheffield university, MBB department, Sheffield, UK
• Testing the novel micro-scale protein purification device which was developed by Hornby group for the purpose of drug discovery, hit confirmation, analytical-scale purification and downstream biophysical assessment.
• Investigating the primary structural determinants underlying the interaction between the subunits of the methylation- specific DNA endonuclease, McrBC.
• First in the group to identify a protein interaction motif in the McrBC system. ( not published yet)

Research Skills
• Molecular biology: gene and recombinant DNA cloning, genomic PCR, RT-PCR, cloning full length genes by PCR, sub cloning to expression vectors, DNA sequencing analysis, site directed mutagenesis, southern blot, northern blot, DNA isolation from bacteria, yeast, TAP tag purification method, micro scale purification ( open-tube capillary)
• Biochemistry: recombinant protein expression and purification, separation of proteins by FPLC, immobilization of proteins with cyanogens bromide, protein quantization with Lowry and Bradford methods, immunodetection and western blot analysis, dot blot analysis, ELISA, in vivo and in vitro labeling of proteins with radioactive isotopes and measuring protein degradation by pulse-chase analysis, gel filtration, bacterial two hybrid
• Cell biology: primary cell culture, DNA and RNA transfection, yeast genetics, flow cytometry, live cell imaging, cell lysis techniques, immunofluorescence.
• Computer software: cloning programs (clone manger).

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